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suggestive148434 artist:thebrokencog891 diamond tiara10406 human159101 bedroom eyes61469 blushing204954 bra16516 breasts289130 busty diamond tiara431 canterlot club21 clothes476629 dancing8578 female1403647 fishnets5527 folio15 high heels11799 humanized101996 lingerie10845 looking at you175986 older27854 older diamond tiara802 panties51517 pink panties213 pink underwear4336 pole623 pole dancing1483 purple bra46 purple underwear2190 seductive look1362 seductive pose1750 sexy30737 sideboob10819 solo1095674 solo female183822 spotlight1365 stripper pole2037 stupid sexy diamond tiara67 tongue out108449 underwear62542


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Background Pony #AEF0
Ah, but an Electra Complex is a girl’s psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father. So Diamond Tiara wants her moms out of the picture so she can ride Daddy’s Dick.