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safe1919699 artist:captainpudgemuffin672 rainbow dash254917 scootaloo54595 pegasus382778 pony1267210 :<1291 behaving like a cat2541 captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us58 cheek fluff7548 chest fluff50583 confused5553 cuddling9418 cute228417 cutealoo3336 dashabetes10676 dialogue77045 duo100686 ear fluff39580 eyebrows13757 eyebrows visible through hair7183 female1554934 filly80927 floppy ears62319 fluffy16238 fourth wall2338 frown27402 looking at you207419 mare588352 neck fluff1050 on side7862 open mouth187633 ponyloaf565 prone29898 rainbow cat124 scootacat8 scootalove1777 simple background480798 talking8009 text72742 the cmc's cutie marks4942 white background123656 wide eyes18482 wing fluff1880


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Background Pony #BF77
Makes sense, I guess…I still don’t like complete strangers contemplating my personal life; kinda creeps me out.
Background Pony #BF77
After more than two decades taking care of cats and dogs, I’m pretty much immune to cute. Funny, on the other hand…