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This is a cropped version of a commission that was part of my reward for supporting the kickstarter that would allow Ponyfinder to be converted over to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons from Pathfinder.

This image will be the cover of the Ponyfinder Campaign Setting: Dawn of the 5th Age, as drawn by the very talented Geckosart who has given me permission to upload this here and of who I have offered a link to their deviantART account.
safe (1428891)artist:geckosart (83)oc (525017)oc:golden dawn (4)oc:mythos gray (15)oc:star dream (10)dragon (37696)pegasus (187942)pony (697718)unicorn (203146)ponyfinder (184)adventuring party (50)armor (18787)axe (1303)bard (225)cave (2529)cavern (217)commission (40615)cover art (908)crossover (52980)danger (230)dragon's lair (24)dungeons and dragons (1039)fantasy class (1243)fighting stance (261)kickstarter (52)knight (851)paladin (204)pen and paper rpg (427)roleplaying (467)rpg (829)seer (7)sword (9436)treasure (246)treasure chest (246)warrior (1114)weapon (22811)


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