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safe1681086 artist:mirapony428 twilight sparkle297306 alicorn219622 pony943146 cap4297 clothes450415 crossover61229 female1340290 gun15715 hat84729 headset1721 implied twidash193 keychain377 looking back55731 plot77170 ranger112 shotgun1466 signature23507 solo1046727 sword11454 twibutt5361 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122433 weapon29910 x-com120 xcom 258


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Commissioner is here, it's purely for shipping purpose. It's kinda remind that who are you fighting for in dire situations(That's XCOM Baby!).

In fact, it will be another picture with Rainbow Dash as another Ranger, but it would take maybe quite a time to come out due to Mirapony's still trying to finish other commissions, and his depression keeps coming back from time to time.