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safe1707554 artist:conikiblasu-fan323 applejack170014 pinkie pie216316 rarity181960 equestria girls200630 ppov907 captain jackbeard113 captain pinkie6 captain rarity57 clothes460051 costume27455 cowboy hat15898 denim skirt1493 derp6801 equestria girls interpretation570 hat86939 perspective790 raristocrat102 rose dewitt bukater90 scene interpretation8612 skirt39804 stetson5003 titanic341


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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nobody's favorite
Whoever designs the outfits the ponies wear did quite well in this episode.

I think some guy in Japan decades ago was trying to, but they studio killed it. There's like four or five different stories out there about how and why it got the axe, but nobody's got any paperwork or anything.

A part of me was a bit disappointed that they didn't call this episode "Rashomane", actually, but I can get why not.
Artist -

@Background Human
exactly. And you played through it multiple times in the exact same scenario but from different character's perspectives that made things seem different each time. Man, they should make a movie with that concept.