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suggestive148435 artist:scorpdk684 nightmare star775 human159100 abs11597 absolute cleavage3657 armor24493 belly button81463 big breasts86188 bocas top161 breasts289132 cleavage35692 cloak4447 clothes476635 cute205934 cutelestia3677 female1403657 fire11777 gauntlet341 halloween8277 hat90525 humanized101995 loincloth1218 looking at you175987 magic75485 midriff19867 smiling261645 smiling at you5272 socks68637 solo1095680 solo female183821 staff3032 stockings34257 thigh highs38228 unconvincing armor1173 witch2406 witch hat3115


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@Enlight: Opposite in what way? The fact that she represents the day, and Luna represents the night? Besides, as mathprofbrony somewhat pointed out, we don’t know if Nightmare Star is the result of Celestia being possessed at some point by the same spirit that took over Luna and (on one occasion) Rarity, or something else that happened to Celestia altogether. The former would definitely explain the “Nightmare” portion of Nightmare Star’s name. But either way, we won’t know that if Nightmare Star remains a canon foreigner.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Daydream is way too positive of a word compared to nightmare. Wouldn’t work for a villain name.
The Nightmare in the comics is a separate entity, and created Nightmare Rarity temporarily. Although if it was a completely different sort of villain, one might imagine a Princess Celestia that went overboard trying to protect her subjects and ended up wrapping them in soft, comfortable illusions… just dream your life away, it’s okay, I’ll protect you…
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It’s great artwork, but if I were to have seen this on any site outside of Derpibooru, I would never have thought this to be anything pony related, since she simply looks like a witch from an RPG. Still sexy though.

Okay, yes I love this and everything. Looks amazing and all…
But what is Nightmare Star and how is it related to Celestia? Is that a comic thing, I feel like this is a comic thing