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Twi makes a lot of interesting expressions/postures in "The Reckoning" part of Lesson Zero, when she faces Celestia.

Free to use, no nsfw, credit me, I wanna see what you do with it, that's all.

I may do a few more similar to this.

You know, given her past, how Celestia let her off the hook for "Lesson Zero", it begins to make a bit more sense how readily she forgave/forgives Starlight… We've all needed some leniency at some point for stupid screw-ups we've done. Sometimes, people need to face consequences. Other times, they've already beaten themselves up quite enough… One of the reasons I love the FREAK out of the idea of a supreme leader like Celestia as someone who could discern and forgive when those times arise. A world like ours would've probably really ruined Twilight horribly with prison time or something. That's the last thing you need to do to someone who's emotionally upset/unstable.

I'd probably break down and off myself if I were in Twi's situation and got a heavy prison sentence


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