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safe1680989 applejack167861 fili-second829 fluttershy210050 humdrum453 mane-iac1624 masked matter-horn820 mistress marevelous727 neon brush43 pinkie pie213802 radiance802 rainbow dash231203 rarity179558 saddle rager826 spike78013 twilight sparkle297283 zapp805 alicorn219585 dragon54720 earth pony239300 pegasus282068 pony943042 unicorn312724 official7453 power ponies (episode)1840 chibi14169 comic107283 female1340162 figure1226 flutterhulk251 funko655 hot topic168 male364163 mane seven6428 mane six31550 mare468433 power ponies2703 stallion105384 toy21785 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122411


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Background Pony #3DB1
Swap out the angry Pinkie Pie and happy Applejack for Humdrum Spike and… IDK one of the henchponies like the "MY HAIR!" guy or someone different. Or Mane-iac holding the electro orb. Then you can take my money and I'll take all those figures, Funko.