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A commission for Dcencia on DA
safe1706358 artist:skodadav36 spike78784 starlight glimmer48650 trixie67487 twilight sparkle300330 alicorn224426 pony967519 unicorn323324 absurd resolution66288 bisexual5531 castle2025 detailed778 female1363061 hall60 hallway936 kiss mark1110 lesbian96975 lipstick11142 mare480545 polyamory6769 shipping200249 sparlixie30 spike gets all the mares762 straight136393 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123663 twilight's castle3899 uncanny valley909


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Background Pony #8678
Run for your life spike you will be killed with the love of kisses 😨😨😨
Background Pony #9717
Looks like the Golden Oak Library's essence survived in the Crystal Tree Castle. I love it!
Artist -

Damn, you are right — they don't have sharp teeth :) Altough with having gryphons in the show with teeth within their nibs, I suppose it's ok to make them look more human-like… Altough right — this piece is aiming for realistic grasp of the cartoon show, so my mistake. Other than that, what you said is already mentioned on the DA, nonetheless I thank you for honest critique — I keep learning every day :)

As for the rest of you, I thank everypony for kind reception of the piece :) I do appreciate a good feedback, just don't feel like replying on every comment ;)
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I know the feeling, the artist work on the environment is perfect, I keep saying this is the best draw of the castle insides so far… however the ponies on it doesn't match the same quality of the environment, they do look… ah… creepy is a good word yeah…

So much work went into this. Its really pretty but also very creepy.

Spike looks starved, or more malnourished.
Ponies don't have sharp teeth.
Twilight's mouth looks like it was sewn shut.

Impressive work, just kinda creepy.
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This is incredible work — right up to the edge of the uncanny valley, without crossing into it.

This is the most delicious kind of eye candy.