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safe (1431047)artist:dori-to (259)angel bunny (8657)applejack (148054)fluttershy (184387)gummy (4589)opalescence (1877)owlowiscious (1821)pinkie pie (189270)rainbow dash (204149)rarity (157844)tank (2444)twilight sparkle (260915)winona (2241)earth pony (148782)pegasus (188581)pony (699657)unicorn (204070)comic (89736)female (761644)hat (64885)mare (336215)monocle (884)pets (112)snow (10902)thought bubble (2489)top hat (3206)


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Background Pony #A72C
thats just sad! where in the world did you get such a bad idea??? I love tank! >:(
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