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Luna in a chinese moon goddess dress.
1 moon in the background and two moon in the front.

I did this picture for a calendar quite a while ago. I supposed to post this on the chinese moon festival but.. I forgot so this is a bit late.. oops.

Nevermind .. there is never a bad time to post boobs anyway.
suggestive (114525)artist:bakki (578)princess luna (88595)human (131927)absolute cleavage (2351)bedroom eyes (44950)big breasts (57504)breasts (207627)busty princess luna (5436)cleavage (27614)cloud (28781)curvy (5171)divine (48)eyeshadow (10695)female (772500)flower (18684)flower in hair (5428)full moon (2462)goddess (328)grin (28400)hanfu (31)huge breasts (26317)humanized (88411)laying on side (752)looking at you (122824)makeup (14365)mid-autumn festival (73)moon (18963)night (19753)seductive pose (1106)sexy (18948)side (5222)smiling (185804)solo (884783)solo female (156009)stupid sexy princess luna (445)


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Background Pony #D9E
Actually moon goddess is more than one
There is also a moon goddess specializes in moon driver
Furthermore,Moon also has a mother,Birth mother
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