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Tumblr source
Spindle: Hello there!
Parcly Taxel: This is the first vector of my windigo companion and assistant. Spindle is properly genderless, but was once a mare, so I call it a she.
Spindle: I was first drawn to Parcly by the hatred she had for her parents. I wanted to turn her into a windigo like myself - and would have if not for the chemotherapeutic agent she’s named for. Since then I have provided to her emotional advice and the temperature magic characteristic of my species, the latter of which helps in cryogenic experiments. The full story can be found here.
Parcly: Unlike Spike, Spindle is ethereal and can enter my body whenever she needs to rest. There’s a patch of ice on my heart where she resides, left over from her conversion attempt.
Spindle: To most ponies my coat is as cold as the lunar surface, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Send me your questions so that my hollow interior may be warmed by the fire of friendship.
(SVG here)
safe1878360 artist:parclytaxel1417 oc786526 oc only582653 oc:parcly taxel458 oc:spindle88 alicorn256581 pony1224174 windigo696 ain't never had friends like us319 albumin flask278 .svg available9162 absurd resolution69566 alicorn oc30738 flying43652 horn ring6375 ponies riding ponies2620 riding8060 simple background462993 smiling302311 spindle riding parcy taxel1 transparent background232746 transparent flesh551 vector81727 windigo oc100


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