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I made a new OC this week as a support character for Aryanne, her name is Leonie. <3

Name: Eleonore "Leonie" Daimler
Race: Earth pony
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (in human years)
Faction: National Socialist German
Occupation: Maschinenbauingenieur
Likes: everything related to machines, being alone, alcohol, bananas
Dislikes: animals, jokes
Skill: building Panzer and Weapons
Personality: patient, lazy, smart
CM: not designed yet :^)

Leonie is a sleep deprived mechanic, building guns and combat vehicles day in day out. She spends most of her nights alone in her workshop, her only company being her tools, some bowls of bananas and bottles of hard alcohol. Building combat gear is her everything.
safe1726956 artist:aryanne343 oc697611 oc only456046 oc:leonie16 earth pony256603 pony987227 semi-anthro13415 bipedal35354 blushing200957 clothes467166 concept art1323 drunk4925 dungarees50 engineer869 female1381316 floppy ears53213 germany618 goggles14217 mechanic181 nazipone786 oil424 panzer31 red hair949 solo1078036 tank (vehicle)1250 wrench750


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Background Pony #26D1
while the description doesn't really fit, she reminds me of andy from advance wars