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She has a name! Rosalyn had always loved helping people fix their things, but it wasn't until her own accident that she realised she could fix broken ponies as well as broken carts.
When she received a fairly crude stick of a replacement hindleg from Ponyville hospital, she set out to make her own design, the results of which you can see above. As she took her first steps on her new limb, she decided she would devote her time to helping other ponies like her, and become a prosthetist.
safe1751174 artist:nursey40 oc712338 oc only465711 oc:rosalyn9 pony1011198 unicorn342545 amputee4867 bandage5834 female1402454 looking down9325 magic75413 mare502471 peg leg224 prosthetic leg934 prosthetic limb3089 prosthetics3597 simple background409364 sitting65622 solo1094797 telekinesis28746 transparent background208925


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@Background Pony #55BE
She was working on repairing the rear axle of a large cart when it slipped off the stand, and her leg ended up under one of the wheels. The break was really bad and after months of it not healing well, she asked the doctors to amputate it instead, so she could get back to work.