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safe1972202 artist:fantazyme52 apple bloom56392 fluttershy238248 nightmare moon18924 octavia melody26008 princess celestia105116 princess luna109285 scootaloo55504 sweetie belle53466 pony1324194 apple bloom riding luna2 bipedal43776 cello2970 clothes559509 costume35212 cutie mark crusaders20914 eyes closed120822 fake horn1067 fake wings978 flying47423 full moon4207 halloween11449 jack-o-lantern3167 jewelry91329 lidded eyes39044 looking at each other27622 looking down11919 looking up20696 mare in the moon1981 moon28054 musical instrument13674 night32888 night sky2270 nightmare luna401 nightmare night5607 open mouth197954 pumpkin5954 punk2721 regalia29839 riding8411 scarecrow296 scared12631 shooting star1188 smiling331448 spread wings75500 stars19926


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Nightmare Moon versus the Great Pumpkin of the Sun!  
Round 1 Fight!
This pick is adorable and awesome.  
Adorasome? Awesable?