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safe1598364 artist:fantazyme51 apple bloom47095 fluttershy201176 nightmare moon15990 octavia melody22763 princess celestia90396 princess luna94751 scootaloo49290 sweetie belle46905 pony867750 bipedal31190 cello2402 clothes418944 costume25139 cutie mark crusaders18192 eyes closed82591 fake horn603 fake wings586 flying35036 full moon3024 halloween7171 jack-o-lantern2096 jewelry53845 lidded eyes27628 looking at each other17329 looking down7293 looking up14361 mare in the moon1631 moon21668 musical instrument8072 night23680 night sky1548 nightmare luna342 nightmare night4425 open mouth127169 pumpkin3680 punk2003 regalia17284 riding4935 scarecrow226 scared9564 shooting star887 smiling220699 spread wings48917 stars14011


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Nightmare Moon versus the Great Pumpkin of the Sun!
Round 1 Fight!

This pick is adorable and awesome.
Adorasome? Awesable?