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safe1770526 artist:fantazyme51 apple bloom51642 fluttershy219100 nightmare moon17354 octavia melody24369 princess celestia97348 princess luna101420 scootaloo52204 sweetie belle50039 pony1030572 apple bloom riding luna2 bipedal36851 cello2633 clothes482942 costume29324 cutie mark crusaders19435 eyes closed100055 fake horn797 fake wings759 flying40062 full moon3639 halloween8982 jack-o-lantern2519 jewelry70513 lidded eyes32306 looking at each other21889 looking down9509 looking up17384 mare in the moon1784 moon24555 musical instrument11952 night27902 night sky1893 nightmare luna386 nightmare night4893 open mouth158327 pumpkin4647 punk2351 regalia21583 riding7704 scarecrow254 scared10921 shooting star1021 smiling267028 spread wings58244 stars16594


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Nightmare Moon versus the Great Pumpkin of the Sun!  
Round 1 Fight!
This pick is adorable and awesome.  
Adorasome? Awesable?