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safe (1503492) artist:discorded (368) artist:pirill (277) sunset shimmer (54045) pony (780482) equestria girls (170142) legend of everfree (7253) best pony (1228) boots (17222) camp everfree (240) cheek fluff (3730) clothes (382592) collaboration (4396) cute (163343) holding a pony (2360) human ponidox (3079) leg fluff (2107) levitation (9607) magic (61537) open mouth (113147) self ponidox (6678) shimmerbetes (3692) shorts (11020) socks (53029) solo (926234) sunset shimmer day (129) sunshine shimmer (150) telekinesis (22663) trophy (609)


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
So, is this humanised form of pony!Sunset holding pony!Sunset, or is it Human!Sunset holding Pony!Sunset?

And why do I even care? THIS IS ADORABLE! <3 =megafave=
Background Pony #6E43
"I've figured out how to use magic! I'll just carry around this tiny horse clone of myself!"
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Jesus how fast are you people? I had the Derpibooru upload all set up except for the dA link and you still uploaded it first. :P