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WIP here

Almost can't believe it's been 4 years since >>70601


So, I hope you'll all enjoy this latest lively tavern scene! Derpy brought her favourite board game to the local watering hole, and things quickly go downhill

It was so much fun to do, especially the board tiles and cards, and the background characters
safe1587448 artist:equestria-prevails443 derpy hooves48205 oc609802 diamond dog3192 dracony5811 griffon24462 hippogriff8484 hybrid15445 original species21922 pegasus247684 pony857578 rabbit4547 armor21871 board game358 ear piercing22291 earring18398 female1227884 fight5807 game3313 german962 griffon oc1617 jewelry53144 mare427395 piercing35658 poster4923 singing5845 sword10756 tavern137 the settlers of catan13 weapon27704


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I love this so much detail….i wish i could read what the Pony is singing/playing.

Also interesting how the info on the wall is in german for some reason.