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Larger version of Tumblr image.

Lineart from delivery by KinkyPinkie on the /mlp/ draw thread, colored by King-Kakapo.
suggestive (108696)artist:king-kakapo (1007)artist:kinkypinkie (343)princess luna (85782)alicorn (152837)bed (29402)bedroom eyes (42487)black panties (63)black underwear (2714)blushing (147145)clothes (338284)colored (14598)curtains (1134)curvy (4935)dock (35866)ethereal mane (4028)eyelashes (2937)female (709300)garter belt (2702)garters (2056)high res (16601)horn (20744)lingerie (8048)looking at you (113881)looking back (39473)looking back at you (6150)mare (310579)moonbutt (2489)on bed (1491)panties (40000)pillow (12110)plot (62292)pony (649177)pose (3842)praise the moon (353)seductive (1175)seductive pose (1051)sexy (16978)side (5037)smiling (173179)socks (46762)solo (846314)solo female (150999)spread wings (39077)stockings (24312)stupid sexy princess luna (319)the ass was fat (10455)thigh highs (21928)underwear (47593)wide hips (11152)wings (47599)


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