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I haven’t even seen G1 but G1 Bon Bon is adorable.
suggestive (105517)artist:dragonpone (313)derpibooru exclusive (17923)bon bon (13907)bon bon (g1) (214)lyra heartstrings (24945)sweetie drops (13898)my little pony tales (730)bed (28469)bedroom eyes (41483)bonlyrabon (5)chest fluff (22680)cuddling (6637)cute (132132)ear fluff (15372)earth pony (125494)eyes closed (62029)female (681155)g1 (12959)g1 to g4 (3466)generational ponidox (158)generation leap (5027)heart (35230)kissing (18605)kiss on the cheek (1053)kiss sandwich (152)lesbian (74477)looking at each other (10876)lyrabon (2595)mare (296509)on back (19020)one eye closed (17952)ot3 (408)pony (607769)shipping (151200)smiling (167270)snuggling (5962)spooning (451)threesome (7339)underhoof (38606)unicorn (173740)

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Background Pony #ACCC
Lucky Lyra, she get all the girls…

(On another note, G1 to me is good and I’d recommend trying to give it a watch. If you don’t like it, that’s fine.)
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