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Emerald keeps talking, Ruby zones out.
safe1706498 artist:ficficponyfic2696 color edit7663 edit132521 edited edit2573 oc684697 oc only448824 oc:emerald jewel1636 oc:ruby rouge415 earth pony248769 pony967615 colt quest2488 animated98641 bandana5337 clothes459637 color1684 colored19468 colt14914 confused4754 cyoa3219 eyes closed93551 female1363146 femboy9129 filly66661 foal15424 gif31052 hair over one eye9024 knife5333 male372711 smiling248502 talking5676 tomboy1164


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Is it just me who is subconsciously hearing Rihanna while reading the speech bubble?