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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season 6
The Story So Far (19-20/26)

Time to squeeze in Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle in. Also the lack of slot machines was disappointing.
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@Background Pony #D77C
cucked and friendzoned

Don’t meme too hard. You might hurt yourself.

You don’t see him among the guard ponies a few times and assume he’s been thrown out of the guard, as if we’re treated to that many guard ponies in the first place. You also need to redefine what you see as "emotional abuse". Scitwi and Princess Twilight are two different characters going through different events. It makes sense that they wouldn’t fall for the same guy. That’s like claiming you’re being abused by somebody’s identical twin because you have unrequited feelings for them for looking like their sibling.
Besides, EqG 4 left the possibility open for Flash and Sunset getting back together.
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Background Pony #143D
So how does dm29 feel about this whole scenario with Flash Sentry getting cucked and friendzoned? The show staff pretty much shown that they hate him as human (the movies past EG1) and as a pony (removed as a guard in Crystal Empire in Thorax episode) and turn him into a gag character that gets emotionally abused for jokes.
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