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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season 6
The Story So Far (19-20/26)

Time to squeeze in Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle in. Also the lack of slot machines was disappointing.
safe1613532 artist:dm291655 apple bloom47378 applejack162399 big macintosh27054 boulder (pet)1241 braeburn6061 cheerilee9522 coco pommel5672 crystal hoof110 daring do6221 derpy hooves48602 discord29448 flam2034 flim2150 fluttershy202786 gabby2213 garble1681 gladmane151 gourmand ramsay77 maud pie11985 pinkie pie207253 princess cadance31020 princess celestia91090 princess ember5958 princess flurry heart6620 princess luna95407 quibble pants1470 rainbow dash223818 rarity173541 saffron masala1588 scootaloo49546 shining armor22049 snowfall frost688 spike75661 spirit of hearth's warming yet to come367 starlight glimmer45563 sunburst6146 sweetie belle47162 tender taps661 thorax4069 trixie63926 twilight sparkle287990 zephyr breeze2140 alicorn205603 changeling42854 dragon50765 griffon25038 pony881182 zombie2182 28 pranks later916 a hearth's warming tail1404 applejack's "day" off549 buckball season796 dungeons and discords703 flutter brutter1065 gauntlet of fire1431 newbie dash1011 no second prances1763 on your marks829 spice up your life1041 stranger than fan fiction1018 the cart before the ponies848 the crystalling2034 the fault in our cutie marks1012 the gift of the maud pie911 the saddle row review1349 the times they are a changeling888 viva las pegasus679 angel rarity112 angry24953 backwards cutie mark3148 basket2777 basketball477 bathrobe1331 beach chair449 bloodstone scepter837 body pillow3473 bottomless12709 broom1638 bubble4629 buckball339 cheerileeder357 cheerleader2541 clothes424973 cold891 cookie zombie219 couch7393 cracked armor72 crossing the memes594 cutie mark43701 dancing7828 devil rarity114 discord's celestia face33 disguise4257 disguised changeling2396 dragon lord spike99 emble56 female1284035 filly61466 first half of season 68 flim flam brothers1186 garble's hugs30 gordon ramsay135 handkerchief445 hat79376 hearth's warming715 hiatus127 hug26126 jewelry55100 magic bubble99 male343030 mane six30350 meme79559 menu204 now you're thinking with portals310 opposite fluttershy41 partial nudity18370 pinktails pie121 portal1779 present5370 rainbow trash90 safety goggles333 scroll3207 shipping188018 sick1694 speed racer41 straight127535 sweeping136 sweepsweepsweep88 tenderbloom219 the cmc's cutie marks4655 the meme continues61 the story so far of season 617 this isn't even my final form385 tiara3449 tissue532 toolbelt113 top hat3896 towel3440 trash can781 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118237 twilight sweeple65 wall of tags2646 wonderbolts uniform5548


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@Background Pony #D77C
cucked and friendzoned

Don't meme too hard. You might hurt yourself.

You don't see him among the guard ponies a few times and assume he's been thrown out of the guard, as if we're treated to that many guard ponies in the first place. You also need to redefine what you see as "emotional abuse". Scitwi and Princess Twilight are two different characters going through different events. It makes sense that they wouldn't fall for the same guy. That's like claiming you're being abused by somebody's identical twin because you have unrequited feelings for them for looking like their sibling.
Besides, EqG 4 left the possibility open for Flash and Sunset getting back together.
Background Pony #0B32
So how does dm29 feel about this whole scenario with Flash Sentry getting cucked and friendzoned? The show staff pretty much shown that they hate him as human (the movies past EG1) and as a pony (removed as a guard in Crystal Empire in Thorax episode) and turn him into a gag character that gets emotionally abused for jokes.