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NATG VI Day 14: Any Previous Theme
Screw E. Sparkle. Genius. Have brain. Will travel.
safe1749201 artist:thattagen166 screwball1476 spike80459 twilight sparkle305974 acme27 alternate universe10498 desert1621 explosives303 female1400775 fusion5364 imminent darwin award25 looney tunes451 parody15782 road runner39 screwy sparkle3 sharp teeth3961 smiling260493 sockypockytwi50 solo1093573 this will end in pain2036 tnt102 too dumb to live237 wile e coyote34


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With the few wonder as spike was checking out several barrels of TNT when twilight and screw ball were merged together as she was trying to catch the roadrunner. With the few wonder if spike had some allergies that made him sneeze fire which lit the cords which was to eventually set off the barrels of TNT.
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