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Entry for the EQD ATG Day 26: A pony in command.

One of the story ideas I had for Equestria at War was having the Frozen North as the final, world threatening villain, seeingas iut was implied to be both cobscious and malign in the Crystaling episodes.
Anyway, I considered doing some version of King Charlatan from G1 as it's leader, but a penguin leading the Frozen North didn't seem very fitting, so I decided to go with the animated body of Meghan from G1 instead.
At which point I realized how utterly GRIMDARK and stupid the whole thing was and canned it.

Still had a sketch of Meghan fighting Celestia lying around though, so I threw some Dark Souls aesthetic on top and finished it.
Should have had colour too, but ran out of time.
semi-grimdark30374 artist:sensko243 megan williams893 princess celestia96734 pony1009959 undead2249 armor24454 black and white13468 crown17939 crying44797 dark souls693 fight6298 grayscale39234 gwyn11 jewelry68147 lord of cinder6 monochrome152312 pen drawing375 regalia21121 simple background408926 sword11975 traditional art120207 weapon31412 white background102447


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