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I saw a post a while back and didn't agree with Rarity's ships so I made a slight edit :D

Yes I know the twilight X flash ship is cancer but I was too lazy to edit it out

I won't bother with adding the shipping tags so if someone could help out that would be cool

…this did not go the way I wanted it to…
safe (1487778) edit (106544) applejack (152593) big macintosh (25963) bulk biceps (3106) carrot cake (1939) cheese sandwich (3435) crafty crate (101) cranky doodle donkey (852) discord (27603) flam (1965) flash sentry (11432) flim (2082) fluttershy (190071) frederic horseshoepin (272) iron will (1271) pinkie pie (194980) quibble pants (1389) rainbow dash (210035) rarity (162552) shining armor (20774) soarin' (12871) spike (70883) thunderlane (3609) trenderhoof (787) trouble shoes (970) twilight sparkle (269798) zephyr breeze (1931) donkey (1456) earth pony (167725) minotaur (822) pig (675) pony (766263) equestria girls (167806) applecest (1778) applemac (978) applespike (723) bestiality (1784) big macintosh gets all the mares (292) cakepie (149) carrotpie (92) cheesepie (1079) crack shipping (3325) discoshy (2402) downvote bait (927) flashlight (2461) flimflamjack (31) fluttermac (2537) incest (11563) interspecies (19384) male (276645) mane six (27568) pinkiespike (399) quibbledash (272) rainbowmac (442) rarislut (277) rarity gets all the mares (14) rarity gets all the stallions (35) royal guard (6680) shiningsparkle (1320) shipping (172106) soarindash (4430) spike gets all the mares (649) stallion (80713) straight (113917) thunderdash (118) trenderjack (97) troublejack (62) twimac (412) twispike (1546) vulgar (18577) wall of tags (1977) zephdash (202)


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Background Pony #C468
I mean, this image, which doesn't have that Rarity thing in it- has a positive rating. But that's almost the same in concept.. :/
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Background Pony #B1A5
You forgot to add Sunset to Twilight's chart and Rarity to Applejack's chart
Background Pony #AA7A
I wanna die

Why this picture have to many weird tags I was scary to unlock it!!!
Trick Question
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

The irony here is this pic might actually have a positive rating if the ships weren't all ridiculous.

Also it's impossible that Rarity fucks everyone if the other ponies don't fuck her… Ugh, dammit, why do I have to keep coming back to this every time somepony posts a comment?
Background Pony #28E2
Here's how I see it:

Twilight Sparkle: FUCKING EVERYONE

In case you haven't noticed, I ship everypony with each other.
Trick Question
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

So they all have incest with their brothers and bang their arch-enemies, but none of them do it with mares? Not even Dashie or Pinkie? I guess the artist really doesn't like lesbian ships.

Wait, Applejack does it with a pig but not Winona? (EDIT: I forgot, no lesbians—not even dogs. Only boy animals allowed.) AJ does it with Flim and Flam, seriously!?

Big Mac does it with Twilight? But not with Pinkie…? Why is Pinkie with Horseshoepin?


HEADCANON REJECTED :twilightangry:
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nobody's favorite
Shouldn't Rarity's be "Everyone but Spike"?

@Background is Best Pony
Two things that are identical are still two separate things. If you have two identical books, tearing a page out of one of them only removes it from that one, not the other.

@a dead toad
You'd think they could share. :P