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Now cutest griffon in HD.

safe1751496 screencap227549 gabby2471 griffon27999 the fault in our cutie marks1048 animated100889 behaving like a cat2244 catbird123 cute205808 daaaaaaaaaaaw4691 eyes closed98216 female1402751 frown23596 gabbybetes431 gif32155 griffons doing cat things71 mailbag893 paws5050 scratching513 sitting65624 solo1095027 spread wings57143


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Young Leosword

@Phantom Rider
It would seem many of the monsters that have been in the show so far appear to have their own territories on the official map. Griffons, dragons, bugbears, arimaspi, et cetera. Somewhat off-topic: Dogs live underground which the map wouldn’t mark, I’d think. :3

when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat

So, full blown fridge horror just happened in my head. This is so darn cute, but everybody keeps saying “fleas”. And then you realize that she grew up in Griffonstone, which is like 50 or more generations of ramshackle slum-nesting, all built in a big festering pile. And it’s even been confirmed to lack drains and running water

… Oh no no no. Gabriella. Poor Gabster. ☹
Let me hug you and treat the rat bites and tell you it will be OK now.