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explicit362145 semi-grimdark30391 artist:meggchan692 king sombra14243 shining armor23658 pony1012836 unicorn343354 comic:trance sequence 26 analingus2567 analingus on male552 anus100439 balls79786 blushing205015 comic111594 commission73256 dripping5755 eyes closed98370 facesitting3435 gay28678 king sombra raping shining armor6 licking20897 male388814 male facesitting195 males only3203 nudity383022 oral50450 plot82173 ponut45667 rape8314 sex125996 shocked7266 these aren't my glasses505 tongue out108487


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Background Pony #9599
>TFW you think you might suffocate to death under some other stallion’s balls
Background Pony #F2F8
Oh man I thought for sure this comic was dead. Glad to see more, Sombra is vastly underappreciated~
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

a pony
I want so much more of this comic. Why isn’t this finished?? It’s so agonizing to wait.
i commission them as often as i can, but sometimes her slots fill up before i am able to get one for commission.