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I remember one discussion where someone suggested a hypothetical situation where, if you were sitting on a park bench, tried to commit suicide and rolled a 1, then the result would be "Critical Failure, you miss and decapitate the person sitting next to you".
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This is why pretty much all fumble decks/tables are stupid. They are loaded with these absurd failure effects that if really happened 1 time in 20 would mean everyone ever would be dead.
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This is like something straight from the games I’ve played in. They have also included Sweetie Belle passing out while trying to pee, Sunburst cursing himself into a Sombra clone, and Rarity blinding herself while trying to engrave something on a diamond.
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I remeber once that, at the end of a pyramid exploration, a series of 20 made us surf down from it, in a reverse pyramid formation, on a buckler shield, followed by a fumble when the team leader should have shacken a general hand on a bad terrain. never heard of someone else falling and accidentaly swallow the general dog…
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I really mean it when I say that you do an excellent job of drawing griffons and birds. Not everyone draws them, but you really make it work with your style :D
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