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suggestive160025 artist:the weaver1752 snails5521 earth pony314133 pony1207984 unicorn394826 buckball season857 comic117801 dialogue73758 eyes closed109311 female1502949 floppy ears59343 freckles33277 innuendo1483 mare558153 open mouth176457 rule 6329061 simple background456607 smiling297687 snails's mom4 spice260 weaver you magnificent bastard118 white background115641


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They have never left, just doing a bunch of zootopia stuff, which will stop when zootopia is throw off like an overcoat for disney’s next animated whatever.

@Background Pony #6902  
Something people don’t seem to understand is that an artist doesn’t owe any fandom their time. Participation is voluntary. If an artist gets bored of a thing (in this case pony), It is okay to move on.
Besides, look at his art tag here on Derpibooru. 1700 pictures. maybe 1600-1550 if you don’t count edits.  
Why aren’t you okay with that? The man has been drawing pony for half a decade.  
I’m not gonna go on anymore, let me just link to his tumblr post about it
Background Pony #B209
On one side, I’m fucking happy that he is back.  
On the other side, he kinda abandoned us to bandwagon to every “fandom of the moment” possible (FnaF, Undertale then Zootopia) before coming back to us.
Meh, you are forgiven Weaver.  
Only if you finish “Apple Season”.