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dead source31834 safe1921662 artist:hioshiru1046 quibble pants1625 rainbow dash255018 earth pony339513 pegasus383503 pony1269005 stranger than fan fiction1112 cuddling9424 cute228720 duo100993 eyes closed115349 female1556681 heart58414 male442588 mare589367 quibbledash309 shipping224931 smiling316074 snuggling6898 stallion141556 straight155308


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There’s really no canon ships unless you count shining/cadance or whatever mess is going on in the eqg movies

Btw quibble dash become to canon ship why i said that beacuse i really saw it on eps 15 they so together soarindash not be cannon because i saw they not really together

The key is to not get into serious shipping. Something of a disconnect can easily let you look at something like this or this…  
… and think it’s just a cute picture. The lack of voices help, and my lack of even knowing who Patton Oswalt is also helps in this case. I am a huge Weird Al fan though…
Anyway, I’m not into shipping at all in any serious sense (all of ones that are even remotely likely are boring, and all of the ones that are interesting generally don’t make much sense), but cute shit is always good. Treat it like, say, a Sonic story; don’t treat it too seriously and just it for what it is without thinking about it too hard.