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Commission done for me by Evehly, uploaded with permission.
People often forget just how evil the Mane-iac is.


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This is so cute. Don't worry, she won't hurt you. She just wants to make out with you!
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>replying to a 5+ month old comment.

Ima do it anyway.

I get what you're saying for sure, but I think i've seen the whole hanging spit thing done in kids cartoons before, though despite that I think i got a new fetish. God damnit.
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Mane-iac is one of the most cutest and most collest super-villain we ever met her.
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Monde de merde
People also often forget that the Power Ponies have their own color scheme. Kudos for using the original Masked Matter-horn instead of an umpteenth instance of Twilight Sparkle wearing her costume.