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From Season 6, Episode 17: Dungeons and Discords
(Episode #134 of 143), written by Nick Confalone.
safe1751922 artist:jeatz-axl670 big macintosh28847 discord31849 pinkie pie220316 rainbow dash238733 spike80543 draconequus12848 dragon58777 pegasus309659 pony1011792 unicorn342844 dungeons and discords789 absurd resolution67021 arrow2271 bard266 bard pie80 bow (weapon)1446 bow and arrow944 captain wuzz102 dungeons and dragons1317 fantasy class1545 female1403096 garbuncle106 helmet11231 horned helmet311 magic75457 male388469 mare502802 ogres and oubliettes301 parsnip25 race swap14680 rainbow rogue87 rogue191 roleplaying555 simple background409640 sir mcbiggen115 staff3031 stallion115907 sword11987 transparent background209081 unicorn big mac129 vector77893 weapon31458


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Memetic eldritch horror
No necromancer? You can’t be a true fantasy squad without someone who can turn dead enemies into allies!