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dead source22089 safe1679434 artist:magnaluna1019 princess celestia93913 twilight sparkle297052 alicorn219262 pony941785 unicorn312105 the cutie mark chronicles940 chest fluff37664 crown16266 cute195753 dialogue63982 ear fluff28313 embarrassed11128 eyes closed90358 female1338783 filly64923 filly twilight sparkle2687 happy30473 horn62451 inner thoughts57 jewelry61066 mare467831 open mouth140514 pronking1057 regalia19110 scene interpretation8419 sweat25615 sweatdrop3082 thought bubble3318 twiabetes11510 unicorn twilight16631 weapons-grade cute3618 wing fluff1586 yes yes yes45


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Celestia wants to force Twilight to stop, but her nobility and elegance is preventing her from crushing Twilight's happiness. And this is why Celestia is the strongest pony in Equestria.