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The thing we can always be sure is that Derpy likes muffins.

I don't know what it's going to happen in the next two days, I'll try to upload something, but I'll be at my grandmother's home and internet connection isn't the best there. I also don't have a scanner, but I'll be taking my computer with me so either photos of my sketchbook or a digital drawing, something will be uploaded
safe1617977 artist:cutepencilcase495 derpy hooves48678 pegasus258079 pony885527 absurd resolution64358 cute186640 derpabetes2281 eyes closed84295 female1287935 food64440 giant muffin112 heart44697 mare440288 muffin6246 simple background362158 solo1005319 that pony sure does love muffins437 transparent background187651


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