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Being such a beefy mare can be a bit of downside when working in the fashion business, so she likes to keep it under wraps, hence her creating her special clothing
questionable110867 artist:sirmasterdufel863 rarity181607 anthro259719 armpits42904 big breasts81867 breasts277149 busty rarity12794 compressed22 dialogue65406 female1360704 hyper10347 monochrome149508 muscles12259 nipples166832 nudity369312 overdeveloped muscles921 ripped rarity270 sketch62728 solo1062393 solo female179517 undressing5197


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Background Pony #513E
Reminds me of that one johnny bravo episode with that talkshow host where one of the guests is a big buff woman underneath that (not so big) formal suit.
Background Pony #02B7
now that i think about it, maybe i should suspected that rarity was doing the same for her clothes.
also, i love how beefy dufel draws rarity