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"Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that Changelings are exceedingly noisy eaters!"
safe1707110 artist:phuocthiencreation129 princess cadance32478 princess flurry heart7264 shining armor23169 spike78802 starlight glimmer48670 sunburst6769 thorax4337 twilight sparkle300407 alicorn224555 changeling47670 pony968227 the times they are a changeling926 :p8913 :t3785 armor23777 bait and switch632 barrier216 c:1206 changeling feeding296 comic109138 crying43586 crystal guard234 crystal guard armor345 cute199891 dark comedy645 dilated pupils607 eyes closed93613 eyes on the prize5433 floppy ears52349 for science235 happy31242 heart48397 horrified617 levitation12123 licking20194 licking lips4298 magic73296 meme81921 not what it sounds like5 open mouth145960 question mark4528 science1241 science is so fascinating1 scrunchy face7156 shivering2087 shrunken pupils3155 smiling248654 sweatdrop3195 tail wag1075 telekinesis27741 tongue out104013 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123684 wavy mouth3687 wide eyes17049 writing1205


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