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“Crystal Hoof/Thorax” was the topic! from yesterday!

So changelings actually have their own Ponysonas eh? :D
safe1585864 artist:pabbley2273 crystal hoof110 thorax3998 oc only408817 changeling41242 pony855971 the times they are a changeling876 30 minute art challenge7892 cute181126 cuteling672 dialogue59564 fangs21831 hoof hold7418 looking at you147594 male325045 open mouth125199 ponysona2586 sketch57744 smiling217991 solo982023 thorabetes265 tongue out91740 underhoof46738


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Even just a reference would have worked :P
Like 'Iron Bread', or some other combination of pastry and metal.
I have long since decided if I ever write any fanfiction myself, there will be a character using 'Iron Donut' as a fake name at some point.