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Original Art here >>788673
Original Artist Princess Reavz
safe (1482765) artist:fluttershysone (37) artist:reavz (70) color edit (6494) edit (105952) applejack (152220) big macintosh (25897) earth pony (165944) pony (761892) applecest (1762) applejack's hat (4372) applemac (974) bedroom eyes (46579) blushing (161689) colored (16061) cowboy hat (11446) freckles (22069) hat (69293) heart (39533) incest (11523) looking away (2974) male (274983) one sided shipping (163) shipping (171492) simple background (308775) smiling (193187) stallion (79971) straight (113551) sweat (20810) white background (77152)


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Sciencepone of Science!
They didn't want the old Apple cider to go to waste, but it had started to ferment.

After this incident, AJ would steer clear of alcohol for the rest of her life :p