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"Do not fret. We are a kind and just and Master of Dungeons. We certainly wouldn’t try to murder your entire party upon seconds of engaging into this would of fantasy and role play all for the simple fact when you have such merriments NO PONY INVITES LUNA!!

… Certainly not."
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Usually, when I’m wearing one of these expressions, I’m thinking, "How are you failing this badly? How can I salvage the campaign from here?" Still, at least I can have fun with the consequences of the PCs’ very ill-advised actions.
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Needs more Starburst
Luna: Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design!
Twilight: Luna, this is Ponies & Paladins, not a Star Wars Role Play.
Luna: ……WHAT!!!!!!
Celestia: Luna, calm down! Please for ponies sake!
Luna (starts electrocuting Twilight): Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!
Twilight: Celestia, please!
Celestia: Twilight my dear, you must learn the hard way of what happens to you when you deny a Star Wars moment from Luna…..
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That look is somewhere between "contemplative" and "you’re fucked."

Or maybe she is just contemplating how fucked you are.
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