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(comic, foalcon/loli, Futa, anal, tentacles, prolapse, ugh… ew)  
explicit398621 grimdark29371 artist:sugarlesspaints1887 princess flurry heart8336 queen chrysalis38056 changeling55601 changeling queen20188 anthro300420 plantigrade anthro40463 abdominal bulge7536 abuse8576 an egg being attacked by sperm2397 anal31021 ass63213 barefoot31411 bedroom eyes68887 blushing227821 breasts324526 butt149231 cervix2005 clitoral stimulation1083 clitoris32467 clothes533856 comic119862 creampie36333 crying48604 cum89568 cum inflation4313 cumming26448 duo97472 egg cell2317 eyes closed113330 feet46668 female1537971 femsub12460 flared3577 floppy ears61254 flurrysub8 foalcon19823 futa52447 futa on female13331 futa queen chrysalis1514 futadom1929 gaping3880 gaping vagina1324 glazed dick3531 grin49120 gritted teeth15389 hair2258 horn105506 horsecock81761 impregnation3587 intersex50330 kicking2349 moaning7609 nipples198665 nudity430334 open mouth183909 penetration69745 penis178274 pregnant14705 rape8407 sex141194 sex noises997 smiling309776 spermatozoon2353 spread pussy4378 submissive20520 tentacle porn9006 tentacles13359 tentacles on female4857 tongue out121933 vagina52176 vaginal46579 vaginal secretions44704 vulva150961 wings158829


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Background Pony #4283
Actually, blood is always red, whether or not it’s oxidizes. I’m sure you gotten several replies telling you roughly this same thing, but I never mind beating a dead horse, ever.
Background Pony #E721
“Your mommy and daddy turned me down, but now thanks to you I can have them both at once.” Chrysalis
Background Pony #8815
Camouflage, the cum itself changelings make is white, but the only active sperm cells are black, but since they’re much fewer in number they don change the color, but unlike regular ones, these are much better swimmers and always make their mark.  
Now just imagine the faces of her parents when they see her.
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Young Leosword
Why is blood not red until it oxidizes? I’ll be honest, I’m not proficient enough in science to know whether cum is white because sperm are white. XD
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Young Leosword
I’m tempted to think of another damn Aliens reference, but this time, Futa Chrys’s sperm reminds me more of something from Resident Evil or Dio’s flesh buds. >w<