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(comic, foalcon/loli, Futa, anal, tentacles, prolapse, ugh… ew)


explicit (295181) grimdark (29885) artist:sugarlesspaints (1373) princess flurry heart (5790) queen chrysalis (30520) anthro (211053) plantigrade anthro (23716) abdominal bulge (4788) abuse (5762) an egg being attacked by sperm (1379) anal (23563) ass (38133) barefoot (22466) bedroom eyes (46793) blushing (162301) cervix (1290) clitoral stimulation (647) clitoris (22058) clothes (376404) comic (94402) creampie (24414) crying (37297) cum (67563) cum inflation (2947) cumming (17028) duo (42504) egg cell (1294) eyes closed (72457) feet (30918) female (811404) femsub (6896) flared (2521) floppy ears (43241) foalcon (16085) futa (38843) futa on female (9923) futa queen chrysalis (1048) futadom (1051) gaping (2915) gaping vagina (937) glazed dick (2054) grin (29706) gritted teeth (9542) hair (1228) horn (31119) horsecock (54411) impregnation (2209) intersex (36364) kicking (1678) moaning (3729) nipples (128907) nudity (309032) open mouth (110767) penetration (44067) penis (127450) pregnant (11564) queen chrysalis raping princess flurry heart (2) rape (7527) sex (98706) sex noises (594) smiling (194016) spermatozoon (1297) spread pussy (2911) submissive (10737) tentacle porn (6800) tentacles (9946) tentacles on female (3700) tongue out (81039) vagina (43501) vaginal (31073) vaginal secretions (33978) vulva (102818) wings (59201)


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15 comments posted
Background Pony #F5B5
Actually, blood is always red, whether or not it's oxidizes. I'm sure you gotten several replies telling you roughly this same thing, but I never mind beating a dead horse, ever.
Background Pony #E9E0
"Your mommy and daddy turned me down, but now thanks to you I can have them both at once." Chrysalis
Background Pony #6F42
Camouflage, the cum itself changelings make is white, but the only active sperm cells are black, but since they're much fewer in number they don change the color, but unlike regular ones, these are much better swimmers and always make their mark.

Now just imagine the faces of her parents when they see her.
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Young Leosword
Why is blood not red until it oxidizes? I'll be honest, I'm not proficient enough in science to know whether cum is white because sperm are white. XD
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Young Leosword
I'm tempted to think of another damn Aliens reference, but this time, Futa Chrys's sperm reminds me more of something from Resident Evil or Dio's flesh buds. >w<