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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
Oh, and it’s a request by Ajksob, who provided me with the perfect troll criminal pony OC to be punished in the most extremely creative way possible!!  
full Just because one troll is eliminated doesn’t mean it will discourage many others to try again!
full How would you upgrade Applejack’s apple orchard security defense systems? Post your ideas in the comments below!
Troll thief: Instant by Ajksob
Aerial Vehicle: Mosquito Air Helicopter
Anti-Magic Music Box: Based on the Overseer Music Box from Dishonored  
(For more info on the music box, click here)
Oh, and thanks to pheeph for sharing me his stash of OMQ comics to parody
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semi-grimdark33661 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack189119 oc848248 oc:instant1 human208307 air55 angry33095 anime6868 anti-aircraft gun11 apple19334 applejack is not amused961 applejack's hat12150 autogyro6 barn4016 booby trap37 brick196 brick wall806 bricks129 cartoon violence90 clothes567647 comic125340 construction68 cowboy hat22244 crime118 criminal103 death5751 debris159 defending118 defense18 digging152 dirt1004 dishonored50 drum magazine29 explosion2500 explosives372 fence3652 firing82 flying48108 food89255 frustrated709 funny4934 furious404 fury55 garden872 genius47 gun18842 hammer2055 hat110381 helicopter601 helmet13814 hilarious131 hole513 hooks41 horned humanization7569 humanized111505 kaboom23 levitation14451 machine gun618 magic87581 mg348 music box200 old master q504 orchard446 parody16724 persistent6 property damage322 punk2769 rapid fire3 reference4808 roller barrier1 roof220 rope14346 scenery9418 sharp teeth5284 shirt33269 shooting580 shovel1211 shrug1642 stealing434 sweet apple acres3530 telekinesis34770 thief391 tree41978 troll558 turret229 upset1437 wall926 weapon37138 window11522


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