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A 16:9 edit of the edited edit so you got some more editingception, would prefer this over the original edit as this balances the position between Adagio and Sonata.
safe1588289 artist:tzc390 edit119423 edited edit2289 adagio dazzle12035 aria blaze9265 sonata dusk12666 equestria girls182057 armpits41673 breasts243020 busty adagio dazzle1376 busty aria blaze986 busty sonata dusk1499 cleavage31008 clothes414128 female918908 food61731 japanese7931 kimono (clothing)1057 microphone4518 nail polish6857 sarashi90 sideboob8786 sword10690 taco1280 tantō4 tattoo4676 the dazzlings4060 wallpaper17820 wallpaper edit2532 weapon27518 yakuza23


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