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What the Fluff?
I totally want to see Thorax again here and there. Even if we never see Chrysalis again, I want to see our buggy friend for continuation purposes.
Background Pony #9A38

True, but I kind of wish they did more with it. If there had been a bit more meat to the story, this could have been one of the better episodes this season.

Still, at the very least, Spike was understanding of why the Crystal Ponies, especially Shining, wouldn't be accepting at first and his interaction with Thorax had was a hoot. Plus, there's still some potential with Thorax and it would be a shame if the writers just tossed him to the side after this.

@Background Pony #AFE8
To be fair, they had a 2 episode special to do that ,and didn't even really "redeem" her until well into a farther two episodes later. Heck, she's not even really "redeemed" as it is.

Thorax never did a mean thing in his life but he's being accused of a crime he didn't commit or have a choice in being apart of, so he wouldn't need as much to do it with.

Still, he really should become a close friend of Spike.
Background Pony #9C92
I don't think it was a bad episode, just badly wrapped up. Like someone said he should have had to move into Twilights castle and maybe became a pupil of sorts of Spike.
Background Pony #9A38
Well, that's what happens when they try to cram character development into 20 or so minutes. Even Starlight's redemption wasn't this rushed and considering she was an even bigger jerk than Thorax, that's saying something.
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Sleepy French Butler.
The expressions are so good, the royal couple is hateful, Sunburst is analyzing, Glimglam feels down because she got accepted as well despite her outburst, and Flurry just wants a hug because as a child, she just sees another friend.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

How about this? Cadance and SA take Spike's word on Thorax, but insist that Thorax live at Twilight's Castle for now. The Crystal ponies are still to skittish about a changeling living alongside them, but Shining Armor figures Twilight could handle one changeling, and if things work out with Thorax at Twilight's Castle they could then let him enter the Crystal Empire.

Also, they could keep Thoraxe around for intel on the Changelings at the least.
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What the Fluff?
Yeah, it's like they come up with an enjoyable playout of events and plot, but as they are making it, totally forget that they have a limited airing time frame and that they are exceeding it.

I think in this case, it was either cut the song and have there be lengthy exposition which to the mature viewers, would be more satisfied with, or include the song but nix the exposition, resulting in the ending being crammed but not losing the "primary audience".

I think they could've cut the song in half and had a little more exposition. I mean I know it's Spike's first solo, but they literally went thru every line (and sequence) twice if not more.