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From Season 6, Episode 16: The Times, They Are A Changeling
(Ep. #133 of 143), written by Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt
with story provided by Burke, Michael Vogel, and Wyatt.
safe1615973 artist:kayman13206 artist:pink1ejack412 thorax4074 changeling42992 crystal pony4289 pony883704 the times they are a changeling888 absurd resolution64306 disguise4276 disguised changeling2405 floppy ears47843 inkscape1570 male343907 simple background361301 smiling224571 solo1003913 transparent background187181 vector72760


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13 comments posted

Well, the Greek compound form of "thorax" (θώραξ) is "thorako" (θωρακo), so maybe "thorakobetes" (not that -betes exists in Greek of course).

Wait, he does look a lot like a greek potter.

Is there anything in greek mythos about a pot maker or craftsman who was actually something in disguise?