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It is my pleasure to give this to y'all first…behold my commission from lonelycross. He's gonna make a tumblr post soon.
explicit351065 semi-grimdark29956 artist:lonelycross483 pinkie pie216443 anthro260719 bdsm6825 bedroom eyes59485 boots22084 breastless clothes528 breasts278271 choker12075 clothes460560 commission68683 corset4335 dark background940 dominatrix2336 evening gloves8338 female1365554 female focus6392 femdom8146 garter belt3655 gloves20141 horsecock68663 kinkamena210 kinkie pie347 latex11767 latex boots567 latex corset58 latex gloves1513 leash7751 leather straps143 licking20229 licking lips4304 male373622 male pov7387 malesub5004 nipples167556 nudity370671 offscreen character34269 panties50299 partial nudity20546 penis153745 pinkamena diane pie19129 pov14040 solo focus16950 spiked choker1606 straight136606 submissive16693 submissive pov975 thigh boots1521 tongue out104205 topless12553 underwear60923 viewer on leash245


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