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It is my pleasure to give this to y’all first…behold my commission from lonelycross. He’s gonna make a tumblr post soon.
explicit365624 semi-grimdark30693 artist:lonelycross486 pinkie pie221754 anthro272856 bdsm7407 bedroom eyes62154 boots23307 breastless clothes553 breasts292459 choker13312 clothes482223 commission74719 corset4502 dark background992 dominatrix2401 evening gloves8764 female1417523 female focus6678 femdom8459 garter belt3839 gloves21297 horsecock72894 kinkamena214 kinkie pie349 latex12655 latex boots652 latex corset67 latex gloves1647 leash8177 leather straps148 licking21098 licking lips4467 male393670 male pov7650 malesub5196 nipples178083 nudity386771 offscreen character36305 panties51910 partial nudity21654 penis161092 pinkamena diane pie19499 pov14651 solo focus17757 spiked choker1795 straight141619 submissive17310 submissive pov1015 thigh boots1621 tongue out109863 topless14375 underwear63068 viewer on leash252


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