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O. Hancock
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Preparing for Takeoff
I’m amazed, this artwork in general really makes me think of Dead Space: the health meter, the Japanese text, the ironic tone… the horror! Lol, I think it was either intentional or the artist has at least subconsciously done this after playing Dead Space. I’m favoriting this and sending it to my Gran’s PC for further analasys in the morning.
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Background Pony #0DD8
Lily: "You gotta help this flower please!"

Redheart: "Miss, this is a hospital for ponies not a greenhouse for flowers…"

Redheart: "Besides, it’s fall. Almost all of the flowers die at this time of the year so there’s nothing we can do."

Lily: "Noooooo!"

Redheart: "…Sigh! Have you considered buying flowers that can live through winter? We have some of those type of flowers you know."
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