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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full SURE, PINKIE!!! It’s not like there are no legitimate fish around your area that can actually breathe normally—  
fulloutside the F$$KING water without dying!!!!  
full fullfull full (“”
Deer Hunter: Lenny Redtail by Raugos  
Ostrich Hunter: Aeli (OC belongs to MrDrzevs)  
Buffalo Hunter: Little Strong Heart from MLP episode “Over a Barrel”  
Fishing disguise: Based on the “Golden Dorado Fish” (aka Salminus brasiliensis)
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Note: This title comes from the phrase “an @$$ in a lion’s skin”, meaning “a blustering fool” (THAT’S YOU, PINKIE!!)
safe1862397 artist:meiyeezhu332 little strongheart862 moondancer5308 pinkie pie229710 twilight sparkle320066 oc777901 oc:aeli1 oc:lenny redtail2 buffalo984 deer6872 fish3000 human180340 ostrich45 animal5478 animal skin3 anime6173 antlers2576 armband947 arrow2431 bandage6276 boots25924 bow (weapon)1532 bow and arrow988 breasts315595 bush3124 busty little strongheart65 busty pinkie pie12036 busty twilight sparkle13494 camouflage729 chair7726 cloth274 clothes519114 comic117701 costume32322 cotton17 desert1778 desk3699 disguise5731 drawer325 dummy80 female1501978 fisher6 fishing435 fishing rod411 flintlock75 food79945 forest11621 funny4525 gloves23110 grass11395 grass field855 gun17462 headband3825 hilarious129 horned humanization7228 horns7518 humanized105702 hunter143 hunting102 huntress24 idiot70 illogical16 knife5898 lake1721 leaves2443 log767 musket122 old master q505 parody16208 ponytail20923 rock5027 sewing602 sewing machine599 sheath2819 shorts15912 skin112 spear2674 sweater16152 table10312 tattoo6482 tea3279 tea party611 teacup3215 teapot1113 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132441 weapon34030 window10103 winged humanization9184 wristband4143


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