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dead source34386 safe1970948 artist:magnaluna1206 princess luna109235 twilight sparkle332834 alicorn274293 pony1322630 unicorn446069 blushing238533 curved horn9044 eyes closed120630 female1602589 floppy ears64475 heart61109 kiss on the lips4296 kissing28880 lesbian108537 mare617976 s1 luna7966 shipping229667 simple background501036 smiling331007 surprise kiss1055 twiluna1630 white background130118 wide eyes18816


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

50% Luna, 50% Awkward
I always liked the idea of the Luna and Twilight ship. I always saw it as Twilight spending time with and helping Luna overcome her social problems causing Luna to fall for her.
Background Pony #D554
Some old-fashioned Unitwi x S1 Luna… I didn’t realize how much I missed that.