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I think I once said that digital artistry was easier than traditional.
It's not. It really, really isn't. My wrist hurts.

More terrible edits from Rustle!
This took about 5-6 hours to lineart, color, and shade.
Cheerilee looks great in a cheerleader uniform. Even better when you think of it as her old high school uniform.

Credit to an-tonio for the sketch, which is in the source.
suggestive142769 artist:an-tonio2148 artist:rustlerustle52 color edit7656 edit132259 cheerilee9974 earth pony247881 anthro259762 the cart before the ponies873 belly button77720 big breasts81894 breasts277213 busty cheerilee721 cheeribetes412 cheerileeder386 cheerleader2747 cleavage34504 clothes458804 colored19440 cute199447 digital art18718 female1360968 hair bow15528 midriff19300 miniskirt4978 panties50161 panty shot770 pleated skirt4051 pom pom1185 shoes36318 skirt39678 sneakers5028 socks66202 solo1062548 solo female179502 thigh highs36238 underboob3906 underwear60739 upskirt5856 white underwear3520 zettai ryouiki1871


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Yeah, I noticed I was missing lines, but I had a headache from not eating and straining my eyes, so…
I'll probably post a fixed version tomorrow.

Also, apparently I'm an artist now. I'm not an artist! I'm just an idiot who has basic knowledge of how Paint Tool works! D: