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Twilight: “On one hoof, they’re both ADORABLE and want to cuddle. On the other, one is my lifelong idol and mentor from fillyhood and the other is my GIRLFRIEND. I need to find a way to get them back to normal before I lose it and before their absence from the affairs of state become too obvious.”
Celestia: “After ice cream!”
Twilight: “…After ice cream.”
safe1879352 artist:silfoe1564 princess celestia101450 princess luna105676 twilight sparkle322103 alicorn256762 pony1225257 royal sketchbook613 age regression1563 cewestia1860 cute222872 cutelestia3854 daaaaaaaaaaaw5341 eyes closed110900 female1517098 filly78260 filly celestia385 filly luna404 hug31820 lunabetes3844 mama twilight1115 mare566654 messy mane8612 open mouth179126 sitting72979 sleeping25465 smiling302621 sweet dreams fuel1790 twilight snapple2146 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133561 underhoof58347 weapons-grade cute4070 wide eyes18212 woona5246 younger19086


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well pedophila laws exist because young children do not have the emotional maturity to give informed consent(informed being the key word), so presumably and adult mare in a filly body would be okay.