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My submission for the Gmod Ponies Contest: Ponies Fighting Other Ponies.here’s a speed pose of it. i had gummythetoothless upload it on his channel because he is a dear friend and i dont want to get involved with a youtube channel.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL5zi7F59jU
safe (1429716)artist:asmodeusthesexlord (111)rainbow dash (204003)earth pony (148398)pegasus (188188)pony (698474)unicorn (203533)3d (51426)butterfly knife (47)derpy soldier (84)engiejack (120)engineer (777)female (760467)fire (8679)flamethrower (325)gmod (6472)gun (12363)hooves (14699)horn (26249)mare (335534)optical sight (896)pinkie pyro (135)pyro (664)rainbow scout (189)rarispy (191)rifle (2953)rocket launcher (391)scattergun (15)scout (995)sentry gun (43)sniper (1025)sniper rifle (829)soldier (1496)spread wings (41018)spy (1026)team fortress 2 (5082)twilight sniper (184)weapon (22833)wings (53083)wrench (617)


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